About The Founders

Marra St.Clair

Co-Founder, C.N., Wellness Coach

Big thinker, task master and lover all things wellness, Marra admits to being a self improvement and health book junkie. She has a natural talent for coaching people towards achieving their personal, spiritual and health goals. She loves yoga, snowboarding and meditation, but feels most recharged after a hike in El Morro or a weekend in Big Sur. Although born and raised in NY, anyone who knows Marra would confirm she was destined to live in California.

A diagnosis with Celiac's disease sparked Marra's long standing obsession with deciphering food labels and uncovering the link between what you eat and how you feel. After college, Marra dove into teaching Pilates, Gyrotonic and Personal Training, eventually becoming a board certified Holistic Health Coach. Today, Marra is ecstatic over the opportunity to channel her interest, knowledge and love for health in Ritual Wellness.

If you would like to connect with Marra personally, find her through:
LinkedIn: Marra St.Clair
Instagram: @ThisMomentIsNow

Lori Kenyon Farley


Lori was raised in NY, but after going to law school in Southern California, fell in love with the weather and decided to stay.  She has since married a California boy and vowed never to leave.
The first 15 years of her professional life were spent working in finance and law where she developed skills in analysis, writing, and strategic planning.  She spent those same 15 years satiating her creative side by spending her free time in fitness activities, cooking, reading and travel.

She met her partner Marra when she was feeling particularly torn between her career and her passions. Together, they developed a vision and a brand which allows Lori to meld her passion and skills everyday.
Four years later, every day brings about a new avenue for growth and creation, from creating new recipes, to writing more books, to finding new store locations, it all takes strategic analysis and a passion for bringing wellness to others.

Lori & Marra

As friends and workout partners, Lori and Marra began exploring the benefits of juice cleanses in 2008. At that time, the options were limited to powders and pills that did not fall in line with Lori and Marra's belief in the power of eating real food. Together, Lori and Marra knew there must be a better way to cleanse and they wanted to share it with everyone they could.

Now, with Ritual Wellness, the pair feel grateful to be able to combine their business and entreprenurial backgrounds with their passions for wellness. They are on a mission everyday to empower people to improve their lives.