We believe food has the power to heal, humans have limitless potential and our success is measured by the positive impact we have on your life.

You'll see and feel the Ritual Difference.

We support farmers who cultivate sustainable farms and seek to grow food in healthy soil. USDA organic certification stands for food that is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides. This certification is our promise to you that your health and the health of our earth are Ritual's priorities.

We believe food should be prepared in a kitchen - not a lab. Non GMO Project certification stands for pure food, real nutrients, authentic taste and consumer transparency. We work with responsible farmers who share this values, making it possible for us to obtain Non GMO certification and to uphold our commitment to the highest standards.

In a world where everyone is in a rush, when it comes to making awesome juice, speed is overrated. We cold-press our juices—a multi step, slow extraction system requiring great patience where we repeatedly press produce to squeeze out every ounce of goodness. This patience pays off as we provide you with a juice that yields up to 500% more nutrients than other juicing methods.

We understand that juice is living food, making it sensitive to heat... this is why we never cook juice. Instead, we use the revolutionary High Pressure Process, applying cold water pressure to the outside of the bottle, allowing you to drink Ritual Juices with the confidence that our juices are more enzyme rich, nutrient dense and antioxidant abundant than your typical juice bar or store bought juice.

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