We believe food has the power to heal, humans have limitless potential and our success is measured by the positive impact we have on your life.

We support farmers who cultivate sustainable farms and seek to grow food in healthy soil. USDA organic certification stands for food that is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides. This certification is our promise to you that your health and the health of our earth are Ritual's priorities.

We believe food should be prepared in a kitchen - not a lab. Non GMO Project certification stands for pure food, real nutrients, authentic taste and consumer transparency. We work with responsible farmers who share these values, making it possible for us to obtain Non GMO certification and to uphold our commitment to the highest standards.

In a world where everyone is in a rush, when it comes to making awesome juice, speed is overrated. We cold-press our juices—a multi step, slow extraction system requiring great patience where we repeatedly press produce to squeeze out every ounce of goodness. This patience pays off as we provide you with a juice that yields up to 500% more nutrients than other juicing methods.

We understand that juice is living food, making it sensitive to heat... this is why we never cook juice. Instead, we use the revolutionary High Pressure Process, applying cold water pressure to the outside of the bottle, allowing you to drink Ritual Juices with the confidence that our juices are more enzyme rich, nutrient dense and antioxidant abundant than your typical juice bar or store bought juice.

A Bit About Ritual Wellness

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How we came to be

Ritual Wellness was born from the idea that there must be a better way to cleanse. Lori had endured three rounds of antibiotics after being really sick in 2009. As her friend and personal trainer, Marra suggested she do a cleanse in order to get back to feeling like her normal self again. At the time, “cleanse” was synonymous with powders, pills, and other chemically processed products. As believers in the power of real food, those type of manufactured “cleanse” products were not what we had in mind.

We set out to design a juice cleanse using delicious and nutritious organic fruits and vegetables with nothing else added. The results were remarkable in that Lori eliminated the bloat, lost the extra pounds, regained her energy and restored her skin's more youthful glow. We reflect back on this as our ah-ha moment. Cold pressed juicing is an insanely lengthy labor of love but the power of juicing is undeniable. Recognizing this was a service that we wanted to offer our community, we set off on a year of education, certification, research, and development, and in March of 2010, proudly began selling California's first organic and cold pressed juice cleanse.

Where we are today

We believe that food has the power to heal, that people have limitless potential and that our success as a company is measured by the impact we have on your life and the lives of all of our customers.

We began Ritual Wellness with the intention of doing our small part of good in the world, by making a positive impact on the health of our clients, via awesome cold pressed juices.

We are perfectionists by nature and we hold ourselves to a standard that is higher than even our most demanding clients have challenged us to meet. We provide, what we believe to be, the most delicious and nutrient dense cold pressed juices ever, anywhere, period.

Even as a small company, we have done all of the work that the “big guys” do. We don't just say our products are organic, we endure the work and the costs of earning the official USDA Organic seal of approval so you can consume our juices with confidence. Same goes for Non – GMO. We don't simply say we support the cause, we actually dedicate the time and the finances to support the official Non GMO Project in hopes that stamping our juices with this seal will bring awareness to a few more people around the importance of eating real food.

We source responsibly. When possible, we meet the farmers who work day and night growing the fruits and vegetables which fill each bottle of Ritual Juice. At a minimum, we can tell you the origin of each ingredient we use to make Ritual Juices exceptional. Your juice is our obsession.

Where we are going

We aim to be your catalyst to making healthier choices in all areas of your life. Without a doubt, cleansing with cold pressed juices helps you to jump start a healthier life by resetting your taste buds to reduce unhealthy cravings and restoring your energy so you can live life with more vigor. With this in mind, we believe we are off to a good start!

In the coming years we will continue to innovate and deliver you services and products to assist you on your own journey towards your best, most healthy life. If you have ideas or suggestions for us, please do share! If you want to hear more from us, check out our blog or join the conversation on social media.

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