Learn How Cheating on Your Diet Can Be a Good Thing

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why it’s good to cheat...on your diet, that is.

Believe it or not, cheating responsibly on your diet can be the thing that saves it.  Cheating allows you to take control of your diet, rather than feeling controlled and restricted by it. We all know an overbearing relationship just makes us want to rebel – whether it’s with a man or a meal.


I know many people believe in full cheat DAYS, but to me, they don't make much sense. If I am following a diet perfectly, and then let loose one day, I can really do some damage.  A nice clean 1,200 calories a day for 6 days, and then BAM, a 4,000 calorie nacho and margarita fueled Sunday Funday.  By limiting your cheats to a meal or two per week, you can limit the possibility of binging. You can also more easily work two cheat meals into your social calendar, so you don't feel like an outcast when you are on a first date with that new hottie from Spin Class.


By scheduling your cheats in advance, you are more likely to choose wisely.  If you decide after the second martini that tonight seems like a great time to have a cheat meal, you are likely to completely lose control of it. But if you plan ahead, you will probably make better choices leading up to that meal, counterbalancing it.


Since the idea of the cheat meals is satisfaction, really choose something you have been craving, and savor it. Take your time to enjoy that slice of pizza or delicious meal.  Those memories can help you power through your salad at lunch tomorrow.


By allowing yourself the cheat meals every few days, you will be encouraging moderation.  A terrible binge meal will probably make you feel crappy if you've generally been eating clean, whereas some yummy French bread and glass of wine at lunch with your friends, on top of your salad will leave you feeling satisfied and as if you've had a nice treat.

Cheating help you have a healthier, happier relationship with food, since nothing will really be off limits.

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