Patrick Murphy

Celebrity Fitness Coach, Weight Loss Expert, “Real Food” Advocate

Ritual Wellness products are second to none. The results have been amazing for me and many of my clients. Whether you need to be red carpet ready, look your best for a photo shoot, fight against unhealthy food cravings, get rid of bloat, get rid of excess water retention, or feel your best inside and out, Ritual Cleanse equals results guaranteed. The fact that they use the best quality, organic ingredients, means there is no other choice for me.I would recommend this cleanse to anyone… and after more than 18 years as a fitness professional with celebrity clients to get "show time" ready… this is a huge vote of approval. It will reestablish your mindset, filter your internal organs, and get you on the right track to make healthier food choices. Sometimes even the best of us (nutritionally) need to hit the Reset button.

Dr. Raj

Celebrity Orthopedic Surgeon, Fitness Expert, Lifestyle Guru

As an orthopedic surgeon and a fitness expert, I am always looking for the newest, most cutting edge products that promote clean, healthy living. When I was presented with the opportunity to try out Ritual Cleanse, I jumped at the chance, as I have tried several different cleansing products - some which left me not feeling a difference, or had a bad taste, or left me not feeling energized. Ritual Cleanse is the exact opposite of other products I have tried. What I loved most about Ritual Cleanse, is that it uses 100% organic vegetables and fruits, that is also packaged in environmentally safe materials, so you are not only doing something healthy and great for your body, but you are also benefitting the environment, at the same time. It also provides you with extra vitamins, to help you power through a work out at the end of the day. My top three benefits personally, are better digestion, abundance of energy, and it has aided in maintaining my ideal weight. I would recommend this product to a wide variety of people, from people who are already healthy and looking to maintain and enhance what they are already doing to stay healthy, to people who are looking to change their lives, and start working on building a healthier diet and lifestyle. Plus - with the added benefit of being eco-friendly, how can you go wrong!

Kristan Serafino

A-list Celebrity Stylist, Trend -Setter, Lover of All Things Beautiful

Simple, effective and motivational...that's Ritual’s Reset Cleanse!  I am a celebrity hair stylist and I discovered Ritual Wellness after learning that my client carries his daily regimen of juices with him at home, location or traveling around the world.  I have done the Reset Cleanse on several occasions and the results are always the same; increased energy levels and a healthy, lasting glow to my skin and hair. The juice is delivered fresh, of the highest quality and as an added bonus the juices are actually delicious.  Each days cleanse kept me satisfied, and staved off all hunger pains!  After completing a cleanse I didn’t daydream about cheeseburgers or crave junk foods.  To the contrary, I crave healthier foods!  In fact, the Ritual Reset Cleanse has inspired a nutritional change in my diet.  Beyond my love for the Ritual Wellness juices, is the amazing customer service.  You just don’t find this level of professionalism, organization and client care anymore. Thank you for making me look and feel fantastic with your outstanding products!

Katie Brauer

International Yoga Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Positive Karma Creator

There is so much I LOVE about Ritual Wellness.. Ritual’ Reset Cleanse is my go to when I need a reset and it inspires me to make healthier choices in my lifestyle.The juices taste great, the quality is unsurpassed and the ease of doing this cleanse is second to none. I always feel amazing and energized, my skin glows, and above all I feel nourished from the inside out. Ritual Wellness is hands down the best. 

Prince Fielder

Professional Baseball Player

Drinking Ritual Juices has shown me the direct correlation between eating a diet high in nutrients and live enzymes, and increased performance and durability.  Drinking Ritual  Juice provides a convenient way for me to get more vegetables and fruit into my diet during the season and fuel my intense pre-season workouts.

Michelle Lovitt

Celebrity Fitness Coach, Oakley Ambassador

I came across Ritual Wellness randomly in Corona Del Mar and it was serendipitous. I live in Los Angeles and am a celebrity trainer. I am also Asics America Strength & Conditioning Coach, a coach for Pear Sports as well as serving as an ambassador for Oakley. I have tried every juice/juice cleanse that has come out and nothing is better quality than Ritual. I have done the Reset Cleanse on several occasions as have my clients and the results are always amazing! Resetting your palate is key to changing your lifestyle/eating habits & getting fit. Ritual Juice is organic, non-GMO and is delivered fresh. I love starting my day off with a yummy juice packed with nutrients (these juices provide nutrition information on the label at the back of the bottle), most juice companies don’t want you to know exactly what your ingesting. Thank you, Marra, for making me & my clients feel fantastic with your quality juices!

Ken C. (K.C.) Rawlins

Celebrity Trainer & Entrepreneur

Thank you Ritual Wellness! Your products have helped me in so many ways. My strength, stamina and skin tone are just some of many examples. The organic ingredients in all of your products are different, unique and one-of-a-kind. These great tasting drinks have improved my everyday life. I look and feel fantastic! I recommend these products to others who seek a happier and healthier lifestyle. Ritual Wellness has made it convenient for me to get the proper nutrients required and necessary. My performance both in and out of the gym has never been the same since. Thanks again!

Katie Osumi

Fitness Instructor, Animal Lover, Exercise Innovator

Drinking Sweet Greens sends me into double handsprings. It purifies my body, ridding it of all of the muck & grime I've thrown into it throughout my week

Shannon Barbadian

Business Owner, Pilates Master, Go-Getter

Sweet Greens is my best daily Ritual. The moment I drink it, I know I am doing something so great for my body inside and out.

Jen Kessy & April Ross

Olympic Medalists, Nature Lovers, Fitness Enthusiasts

We love having the Ritual Nut Mylks after workouts. This is a much more natural way to replenish our muscles than with processed protein drinks. Being able to have an adequate recovery drink from a natural source - We love that. 

Chanelle Sladics

Pro-Snowboarder, Environmentalist, Wanna-be-chef

I love the freshness of Ritual Juices. I especially love the Red Energy because the beet does an awesome job fueling my time on the mountain.

Erica Hosseini

Pro Surfer, Model, Electronics Nerd

I love Ritual Juice and I especially love the Mango Pineapple. The combo includes coconut water and keeps me well hydrated during workouts.

Kalani and Oleema Miller

Business Owners, Designers, World Travelers

We absolutely love the Spicy Lemonade. It's the perfect pick me up to get you going  in the morning or to beat a mid-afternoon slump.

Jack Shimko

Philanthropist, Cancer Survivor, Paddle Boarder

Ritual’s Basic Greens is the first thing that goes into my body every morning, and gives me the energy for my first endurance workout of the day. I am a firm believer of keeping things as simple as possible and Basic Greens to me is the most simple and clean way to get my greens.